…in the UK, if the average person dies and leaves something in their will to relatives, said relatives must pay up to 40% inheritance tax. It’s not something that’s popular, but we’re stuck with it.

Unless of course you’re the son of the recently deceased Duke of Westminster, in which case you can inherit £9bn and nothing goes back into the public purse: Inheritance tax: why the new Duke of Westminster will not pay billions.

But let’s not get angry – let’s just watch people run around in circles in Rio!

Talking Turkey…

I love Turkey. I’ve visited the country more times than I can remember and travelled all over. I also have many friends there who are in my thoughts at the moment.


I recall sitting in a restaurant in Fethiye a few years ago when Erdoğan first started to tighten his grip on power. I was talking to my friend Mehmet and warning him that there was something sinister about their new leader. He was most optimistic and dismissed my concerns, “I think he will be good for Turkey” was his reply. I wish he had been right and that I was wrong.

They’ve started arresting intellectuals now: Turkey ‘suspends 15,000 state education employees’ after attempted coup

I guess the book burning comes next…