Happy birthday Bram!

Today’s Google ‘doodle’ is an Aubrey Beardsley-styled tribute to Bram Stoker on what would have been his 165th birthday (had he become one of the undead presumably!).

Dracula on Google.

Following the link from the image, I ended up searching for more volumes of Dracula which I don’t need. It’s one of my all-time favourites and responsible more than any other book for my interest in all things horrible. As a result, I have four copies of the novel on my shelves: a cheap pound version that I picked up as a teenager; a limited edition quarter-bound edition; the Norton Critical Edition and Leonard Wolf’s The Annotated Dracula which I managed to hunt down second-hand a few years ago. I even have the e-book version on my Kindle so that I always have the text to hand.

I’ve never done this with any other book, as much as there are others that I have read, re-read and enjoyed over and over again. Today’s little trawl of the interweb revealed a limited edition facsimile version of the original that was produced earlier this year to ‘celebrate’ the centenary of Stoker’s death. I don’t need it, and don’t even have room for it, but I’m still going to order a copy.

2 responses to “Happy birthday Bram!

  1. I noticed Google’s doodle just now, too. Since I live a few minutes (as the bat flits) from Bran Castle, the birthday tribute had to be marked in my blog. http://maguratransylvania.wordpress.com
    I too have several version of the novel (inc the nicely produced yellow facsimile you mention) because visitors rather expect it, and enjoy reading the book while actually in Transylvania. Have a lively day.


  2. Wow, it must be something to read the novel in the shadow of the castle! The irony, i suppose, is that Stoker never visited Transylvania himself. I’ve been poking about your blog on how to get there – maybe I’ll get the chance to visit myself at some stage. 🙂


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