Zombies and editor’s block

I’ve been editing my second manuscript with a view to trying to get it in front of some agents – the only trouble is that it’s over 90,000 words in length and every time I go over it, it seems to get a little bit longer. I think that I’m going to just bite the bullet and put it in the post, as I’ve re-written the opening six times now and each time think that it can be improved.

Trawling through the rest of the piece, I keep seeing where I could have enhanced things, but then I come up against a sort of editor’s block and can’t see in which direction to go. Doubtless a more experienced author (rather than compulsive writer), would know how to deal with this, but after writing my first novel at a steady pace of around 2,000 words a day, I’m a bit frustrated that I can’t do more with what I’ve already written.

Any sagacious advice out there would be welcome!

Just finished reading the first three The Walking Dead graphic novels that have been sitting on my shelf since the Christmas before last. Fan of the TV show though I am, the comic book version is more of a roller-coaster ride and a much more exciting experience. Something about the grey and black artwork also adds to the gravity and bleakness of the situation in which the character’s find themselves. It’s got me in a mood to seek out more zombie literature. Already got Julianne Snow’s Days with the Undead: Book One sitting on my desk in front of me and World War Z on my Kindle. I think that I’ll fill my Christmas list up with anything else decent that I come across.