101 Uses of a Dead Kindle

101 Uses of a Dead KindleI recently upgraded my old third generation Kindle (the one with the keyboard), for a nice new Kindle Fire HD. Much as I love printed books, I have no problem with buying e-books, though I do tend to treat them in much the same way that I treat buying music: if I really like a band, I’ll probably buy the CD, but otherwise I’ll just download it in mp3 form.

For many though, there seems to be some sort of dichotomy in place – you can either like one form or another. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps it’s just the natural resistance that you get to emerging technologies – I’ve got an uncle who still resents CDs and swears that you can’t beat vinyl for the faithful reproduction of music!

I mention all this as I stumbled across an ad on The Guardian website this morning for a new book, 101 Uses of a Dead Kindle. Being the saddo that I am, I was first drawn to the title as it didn’t didn’t seem correct grammatically. I assume that it’s authors are Americans as British authors would have called it 101 Uses for a Dead Kindle. Either way, it looks like an amusing read and I’ll probably add it to my Christmas wish list. No doubt many others will end up with a copy in their stockings too – why else release a book at this time of year about what is sure to be one of the biggest selling gadgets of the season?

My only problem now is whether to ask for the paperback or the e-book version.

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