Writing in order to be able to write

Glasses on a printed manuscript.I’ve had a sniff of interest in my second manuscript. Not an offer by any means, but after in initial submission I now have to write a proposal.

Being a noob at this writing game, I suppose that I’ll have to get used to this. I’m fast learning that in order to be a creative writer, you also need to be able to market your work and to sell it to potential publishers. I’d assumed that my obvious talents (ahem!) would shine from the printed page or the computer screen and that would be all there was to it.

But no, it’s back down to Earth with a bump and shin bruised from catching it on the coffee table of life as I attempt to rise to my feet and dust myself off. I keep telling myself that I’m prepared for rejection and that this will all be part of the learning process. I’ve read all the horror stories of authors receiving hundred of rejection letters for their best work, before lucking into a contract.

All I want to do is to write my stories…