Is it all a waste of time?

Well, I finished my proposal for my manuscript and submitted it on Thursday evening. I fully expect to be knocked back (the law of averages and all that), and so have been researching other publishers and agents to whom I might be able to submit it. But now I’m wondering of it’s all worth it after reading the Indie today: Is the end of the world really nigh?

I’d quite forgotten that the world is apparently still due to end in 18 days time. In Russia, the more superstitious citizens are panic buying and experiencing mass-psychoses. While in France, the authorities are trying to prevent public access to the one mountain region that is supposedly safe from the impending apocalypse. And, no doubt our own lunatic fringe in the UK will soon be making their presence felt too.

Of course its all a load of bollocks and I don’t believe a word of it. The Mayans after all couldn’t even predict their own end, let alone anyone else’s. But it got me thinking about this strange minority of believers who must at this very moment be sitting around thinking that it’s probably not worth doing anything productive for the next couple of weeks. I suppose though, it depends on what kind of armageddon that you’re looking forward to. The current rise of ‘Doomsday Preppers‘ (as seen on the formerly educational National Geographic Channel), are waiting for a variety of societal breakdowns from which they seek to protect themselves.

Personally, I’m one of those looking forward to the Zombie Holocaust. It’s partly inspired by my recent foray into Zombie fiction, which in turn has had me digging out my George Romero DVDs. It’s also partly inspired by a conversation with my younger son who has already got a game plan for the Zombie attack. Living in a cul-de-sac, he’s already thought out how we might close off one end of our road to prevent unwanted ingress. He also seems to think that I have a hidden stash of state-of-the-art weaponry hidden in the loft, with which we could defend ourselves. I laughed at his suggestions at first, before being drawn in to the whole idea and starting to relish the idea of owning one of those heavy duty pump-action rifles with the spare shells on the side that one character always seems to come across in every Zombie movie.

It would all be guilt-free wouldn’t it? Sure there would be personal loss and mass carnage, but the ability to kill people with gay abandon simply because they were already dead does have some sort of atavistic appeal. I’ve got no excuses, I’m obviously a sick individual! But I’m not alone in that, as evidenced by the huge number of books, movies and TV shows doing the rounds at the moment.

So let the doomsday approach I say. But let it be the right kind of doomsday where we’re able to wage war on the undead and then start over and build a new world when they are all gone. Better still, they’ll need authors in the new future and hopefully they’ll be at a premium, thus opening up opportunities for the rest of us!

2 responses to “Is it all a waste of time?

  1. I agree with you here! I was talking about “doomsday” with my friend the other day and I mentioned that I would enjoy a zombie apocalypse….sort of like that show The Walking Dead. Needless to say, we are looking forward to what doomsday will bring 🙂 But honestly, I predict that it will be just another day (maybe some frantic people here and there) but for the most part, just another day. Nice blog you have!


  2. It’s perverse isn’t it? Not sure why the zombie apocalypse is so appealing, but it all just seems like so much fun!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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