Armchair Thriller

As a life-long horror fan, I can honestly say that few things (if any), have scared me as much as the ‘Quiet as a Nun’ storyline from the old Armchair Thriller TV series.

Wikipedia informs me that the programme was broadcast in 1978, making me only seven years-old at the time. So, quite how I got to see it is a bit of a mystery as my parents were quite strict when it came to letting me watch age-inappropriate television. I remember very little of the storyline but for the recollection of seeing a woman climbing a ladder in an old stone tower, to be confronted with a spooky ‘Black Nun’ who was sitting and swinging maniacally in a rocking chair. Her face was all blacked out, which made her absolutely terrifying to me at the time – far worse than a ghoulish face or a mask might have been. More certain in my memory is that that night I was so traumatised that I couldn’t sleep properly. What ever slumber I did manage to wrestle with, was shattered in the wee small hours when I found myself lying in my bed, rigid with fear and not daring to open my eyes. I was convinced that the Black Nun was standing over my bed and waiting for me to look at her.

I write this as today I stumbled across the episode which someone has kindly put onto YouTube:

I’m waiting ’til I’ve got an evening to myself so that I can watch it in quiet with the lights off and see if it’s as creepy as I remember it.

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