As good as it gets?

As mentioned previously, there has been a bit of a wait to get started on the editing of my first novel. Last night I received the long-awaited email to say that things are now ready to get moving.

The biggest considerations at this point are the UK versus US spelling and punctuation conventions. We’re going with the British spellings, but the use of single quotes for speech has to be altered in favour of double quotes as seems to be standard on the other side of the pond. None of which is a big issue – they can publish it in green crayon for all I care. I just want to get the thing out there and into the wild.

I went to a friend’s party on Saturday evening. When I arrived I didn’t know anyone there and was introduced as a ‘New York published author’. Despite my protestations that not a word had yet been published, I then spent a big chunk of the evening being probed about the endeavour, which was slightly uncomfortable. Not that I’m not enthused about the book, it’s just that it was a bit strange having all eyes on me for stretches of conversation. I’m so much better in print than I am in person.

As the alcohol took effect I managed to relax about it a bit more. I think that people were genuinely interested and complimentary about the whole affair. And who knows, if the book flops, this may be as good as it gets in terms of becoming an author of any renown.

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