Beta readers

Being new to this publishing malarkey, I didn’t know what a ‘beta reader‘ was until yesterday.

My editor informed me that after our back and forth with corrections and queries, that the first stage of editing is now complete and that the manuscript would now be passed on to several of these beta readers for further scrutiny. Apparently they’ll look to make sure that the story flows nicely, that there are no gaping plot holes or flaws as well as providing another round of spelling and grammar-checking.

This is even scarier to me than the first editing stage as I may now have someone come back to me to say that chunks of the story now don’t make sense or that I’ve lost a character somewhere or, heaven forbid,  thrown in an inadvertent deus ex machina that shouldn’t be there.

I just hope that they come back to me quickly and break the news to me gently if I have cocked up…

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