…no, not my wife but me – I’m suddenly pregnant with ideas!

I’ve had writer’s block before and realise that it’s all part of the game, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with each time.

During my most recent bout of the malaise I’ve spent two weeks tinkering with my second manscript and have not really been able to come up with anything approaching anything creative. As of yesterday though, I’ve suddenly scribbling away in my Moleskine and the ideas are coming thick and fast. A silly name came into my head and from that a whole story started to form that I’ve just had to get written down as fast as I can. In the past my problem has been finding suitable names for characters but this time out it’s totally the other way around and a silly word game played inside my head has suddenly given me an injection of enthusiasm.

Now my only predicament is whether this is going to be a long short story or a short long story…

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