Continuing the theme of parturition from my previous post, I’m feeling like an expectant father now; with a baby that’s long overdue.

My novel has been with the beta readers for about a month now and the silence is getting a bit uncomfortable. My publishers are understandably not willing to commit to a firm publication date until this process has finished, but this has left me in limbo somewhat.

Oh, I’m writing other things with a view to trying to get interest from an agent, but none of it is quite ready yet, and in the meantime I’m probably going to have to find a ‘real’ job to do as my severance funds start to run low.

Not that I’m expecting a best-seller or anything, but I’m hoping that having one published book under my belt might open a few doors and present a few more opportunities to cement my idea of writing for a living. Maybe that’s naive, but then we writers are in the business of dreams are we not?