Googling myself

Come, we’ve all done it from time to time haven’t we?

I’ve been looking for work and so entered my own name into Google to see what might meet the gaze of a prospective employer. There’s nothing particularly exciting that emerges, but something did catch my eye and actually surprise me: it seems that I have a sub-category all to myself of Wikipedia and that they’ve taken a definition that I put forward in a book chapter written a few years ago on the subject of ‘Social Advertising‘.

Now this doesn’t mean that I’ve reached the heights of academic excellence (I don’t even remember writing it), but it was nice to think that someone somewhere might reference it one day in an essay or a dissertation. Or perhaps not…

Wikipedia was something that we were told to avoid for references when I was working toward both my degrees. Despite the fact that studies have shown that it is as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. And, I have to say that I kind of agree with the academic recommendations, just from the point of view of authority. Knowing that someone well qualified can add to Wikipedia doesn’t mean that all entries are of equal value. But perhaps this view has altered in the intervening years – I don’t know.

Underpinning this is of course my deeply held suspicion that if I’ve contributed anything to the enterprise then it can’t be all that good in the first place. I don’t do too well at blowing my own trumpet.


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