Unashamed geekery!

My son went up to The Strand in London for a signing session with Tom Baker yesterday. I jokingly told him to say hello for me as Doctor Who had been such a large part of my childhood. He came back with the nice glossy photo below with an inscription from the man himself – who my son assures me is as friendly and eccentric as his onscreen persona.


It now has pride of place above my desk.


Almost there…

It’s been a few months since the editing was completed on my novel and I’ve been anxious to find out what progress has been made. This morning I received an email from my editor to say that it’s nearly through the beta reading process. It’s a big relief if only because I now have something new to say when people ask ‘What’s happening with your book?’

Things have become so bad recently that I actually thought about having cheap business cards printed saying simply ‘DON’T ASK ABOUT THE BOOK!’.

I’m being very ungrateful of course and there’s no real excuse for that: friends and family just take a natural interest in how things are progressing. It’s just that I’ve felt like a broken record recently whenever I’ve been asked for an update.