Almost there…

It’s been a few months since the editing was completed on my novel and I’ve been anxious to find out what progress has been made. This morning I received an email from my editor to say that it’s nearly through the beta reading process. It’s a big relief if only because I now have something new to say when people ask ‘What’s happening with your book?’

Things have become so bad recently that I actually thought about having cheap business cards printed saying simply ‘DON’T ASK ABOUT THE BOOK!’.

I’m being very ungrateful of course and there’s no real excuse for that: friends and family just take a natural interest in how things are progressing. It’s just that I’ve felt like a broken record recently whenever I’ve been asked for an update.


4 responses to “Almost there…

  1. Progress is always good to hear. Third-party nagging is…mostly unavoidable. (>^-‘)> But, like you said, it just shows interest, which is ultimately great!


  2. You’re right of course…

    I’m just over the initial excitement of actually being published and now just want to get it out there.


    • Hi Aiden,
      Have you looked into self-publishing through Amazon or similar? I read a feature in the Mail on Sunday about it and it works out quite profitable, especially in the sci-fi or fantasy genres. Also some authors release their books in novella form as short stories or serialised, which appeals to more readers as they are quicker to read and build an appetite for the authors future works??
      Just a thought !


      • Hi,

        Yes, I’ve looked at it in quite a lot of detail. It’s always there as an option. Once the first novel is out, I’ll have time to look at it some more. 🙂


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