A trip to the comic shop…

Comic booksMy inner geek was well and truly indulged yesterday when I took my son and his friend to see Star Trek: Into the Darkness in Bromley. This was followed by a visit to Piranha Comics – which just happened to be a couple of doors down from the cinema. I only meant to have a browse (honestly!), but instead I ended up coming out with a handful of titles and a couple of new graphic novels.

It all stemmed from my insistence that I’m a D.C. guy when it comes to my choice of reading. Oh, I’ve got X-Men, Spiderman, Dare Devil and various other limited runs in my collection, but I’m normally I’ll take Justice League over Avengers and Batman over Iron Man if given the choice. A chat with the friendly staff there soon had my head turned around and I came away with some of the new Thor  and Uncanny X-Men stories.

All the while, my son and his friend hovered on the periphery, checking out he action figures while the adults got on with the serious business of discussing the merits of the Arrow TV show versus the Green Arrow comics. I should be used to this by now, but I was still acutely aware of the role reversal where kids just don’t seem to be as into comics as we were when we were young.

It’s a shame as I’m still trying to kindle a real love of reading in my younger son, and I thought that graphic novels and comics might be a way to do this. He’ll read when he’s told to, but will seldom do so of his own volition. I’m still working on it though and am going to keep pushing the virtues and sheer over-the-top fun of the medium.

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