Summer of ’55: Laurie-Lee Hitches a Ride

Summer of '55: Laurie-Lee Hitches a RideA very good friend of mine has just published her first book, an erotic novella: Summer of ’55: Laurie-Lee Hitches a Ride.

It’s not my usual genre, but I’ve just downloaded my copy and am looking forward to a read. I’m particularly interested (not so much exploring the pervy side of my friend’s psyche!), but just to see her through her writing. We’ve sat down on so many so many occasions to chat about books and now she’s out there with another of her creative projects (she’s also a great photographer!). I can’t wait to  see what she’s written.

The synopsis is as follows:

“Speedster Eddy and his poet pal, Jim, pick up sexy hitch-hiker, Laurie-Lee, at an all-night diner. The trio make a tasty love triangle as they speed across the country to New York City. When they stop overnight at the Siesta Motel, Laurie-Lee knows her pretty, pink lipstick will be messed up something good.”

It’s available on Lulu.


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