Gape_Cover_smWell, it’s finally here!

Gape is available from today. Details are online at my lovely publishers, Sirens Call Publications. If you’re in the mood for a bit of horror with humour or if you just need something last-minute to download to your Kindle for the beach, you now have another option.

No, scratch that – I hate holiday reading-lists!

Wait ’til you get back and enjoy it by candlelight while nursing a tumbler of something intoxicating.

And, if you do get hold of a copy, and enjoy it, then let me know what you think of it. On the other hand, if you absolutely and hate it, I hope you will have the decency to keep you opinions to yourself!

I’ve not got the knack of the whole “What’s your book about?” thing yet, so I’ll just reproduce the synopsis for you.

When Rose woke up in her favourite shop doorway, she was resigned to yet another day of hunger, struggle and abuse. This was her life on the streets after all.

What she wasn’t prepared for was a visit from a demon, an invitation back to his temporally insubstantial sanctuary, and being forced to take sides in a battle involving most of the denizens of hell.

Oh, and a boat trip down the river Thames.

The paperback version is available at Amazon.

It’s also available in various e-book formats:

I’m celebrating tonight with a plate of fish and chips and a bottle of Moët.


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