Joining the 21st century…

Thanks to Piranha Comics for a great launch event on Saturday. I had to partake of a little ‘dutch courage’ in order to make it through, but apparently my reading was great. I now know what to do for future events.

I’ve also taken the advice of a friend and have joined the 21st century – I’ve set up a Twitter account (@AidenTruss).

I’ve not yet had the chance to actually tweet anything, but be prepared for a regular barrage of deranged 140-character missives. So follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll perpetuate this nonsense.


My local library…

…now has a copy of Gape.

I proudly marched in there this morning and announced myself as a local author who wanted to make a donation to its collection. I’m not sure what I expected, but the assistant looked slightly bemused, as if I was attempting to play some sort of practical joke on him. There was no fanfare or congratulatory slapping of backs, just a few sideways glances from library users.

I think he was convinced of my good intentions though; he thanked me and said that he’d hand it over to someone who’d take care of it.

Whether this meant that it has to pass through some tier of bureaucracy before being allowed on the shelves or whether he was going to throw it in the nearest bin once I walked out the door, I don’t know.

Still, I made the gesture…