More interviews and guest posts…

Thanks to Dan O’Brien Richard Flores  IVArmand RosamiliaShah Wharton and Nina D’Arcangela respectively for kindly hosting more of my nonsense in the form of interviews and guest posts.

It’s very strange seeing my words coming back to haunt me (along with that picture of the fat bloke in the graveyard).

Note to self: lose weight and get some more flattering photos done!

Getting the word about…

Well, Gape is, if not exactly setting the Twittersphere alight, then at least causing a bit of a spark here and there. This is for the most part thanks to Cabin Goddess who kindly hosted me for an interview and then proceeded to tweet the outcome to every writer and creative type in her considerable network. As a result, my phone hasn’t stopped bleeping and chirping with updates.

Julianne Snow also kindly posted an interview on her blog, as did Laurie Jenkins and others have hosted guest blogs, extracts and reviews.

I’m having trouble keeping track of all the links, but my thanks to all.