Who am I?

I spent a couple of hours filming last week (at two different venues), for a short film on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.┬áIt was at my eldest son’s behest. He’s a current fan and a friend of his suggested doing an interview with a ‘father and son’ angle to the story.

In the end, he didn’t make the cut and they kept me in. Only they took a comment I made about the appeal of the series to my younger ‘loner’ self as artistic licence to paint me as a real closet case.

I’m not offended though – it was fun to do and the finished result has had me giggling all evening at the sight of myself pacing my son’s flat as if I hadn’t a friend in the world (I do in fact have at least two!).

But at least I can claim to being in a film with Matt Smith and David Tennant: