Writer’s shock…

Other than writing copy for ads at work, I’ve not actually written anything vaguely creative for about two months. Oh, I’ve jotted down a few notes and ideas, a couple of names and even taken a photograph. But I’ve not actually put two sentences together with a view to publishing or otherwise.

This isn’t writer’s block, this is something else; a deliberate and conscious decision not to commit anything to a page. The book came out and I was happy, but since then I’ve struggled to match the enthusiasm for it that others have had. Every time I bump into a friend that asks about it I just want to shout something rude and walk away while drooling and tearing at my clothes.

I finally think that I’m over the worst of that now.

I still don’t want to talk about the book, but I do want to write. It feels like it’s been too long and that I have something to say again – even if I only say it to myself. And, Gape was an unintended detour away from something else that I was working on that I need to go back to again.

Perhaps I can ghostwrite my own novels in future?

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