Summer reads?

booksAmong the laziest of journalistic tropes, is that of insisting – about this time every year – on giving us lists of what to read on holiday. Newspapers and websites are full of these marketing opportunities, thinly disguised as literary suggestions. But does anyone actually walk into a bookshop, or browse an online retailer, with the specific idea of the correct types of books for the beach?

It’s irritating turning to the books or culture section of a paper only to find this vapid nonsense repeated everywhere. If you must have a book for the beach, surely the only considerations are that it should be sand-resistant, have pages with a water-proof coating, a cover that doesn’t fade in the sun, and a little drinks holder attached the the side (which could fold back into a bookmark).

Own anything like that? Thought not.

Take with you whatever the fuck you want and don’t let the marketers tell you what you should be seen to be reading on your sun lounger.

Personally, I’ll be taking with me whatever the top two books on my unread pile happen to be.

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