Real fear…

…is being invited to a book group to talk about Gape, but tonight, that’s exactly what I’ll be experiencing.

Dealing with demon’s is a doddle compared with dealing with people en masse, and I don’t like being the centre of attention (see my inebriated reading at the launch – I had to have a few drinks to get me through it, despite being surrounded by friends!).

I’m sure it will be a nice evening, but I’ve asked my kind hostess to lay on some Dutch courage in any case. It will also be interesting to get some (hopefully) honest criticism of the book as I don’t normally seek out feedback from people that have read it. I imagine that this would a) smack of desperation, and b) seem like attention-seeking. But, a book group sounds like the perfect forum for such a discussion. And so, I’ll be a big boy, tough it out, and try to sound like a proper writer.

Heaven (or Hell) help me if I were ever to sell books by the truck-load; I’d have to go into hiding!

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