American Sniper…

I have no intention of seeing the movie – it’s just not my kind of thing – but I did enjoy the Rolling Stone review of American Sniper and its condemnation of movies that dumb down thorny ethical issues.

“This is the same Hollywood culture that turned the horror and divisiveness of the Vietnam War era into a movie about a platitude-spewing doofus with leg braces who in the face of terrible moral choices eats chocolates and plays Ping-Pong. The message of Forrest Gump was that if you think about the hard stuff too much, you’ll either get AIDS or lose your legs. Meanwhile, the hero is the idiot who just shrugs and says “Whatever!” whenever his country asks him to do something crazy.”

I’m given to believe that snipers are singled out for ‘special’ treatment when captured by the enemy. Their highly skilled trade is loathed and admired in equal measure, depending of course upon whose side you’re on – it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Much like the mainstream movie industry…

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