Night Will Fall…

As a horror fan, proud of a strong stomach and slightly worried that nothing is ever going to really gross me out ever again, I was taught a sobering lesson on Saturday night with the Channel 4 showing of Holocaust: Night Will Fall

This was the story of the allied camera men who filmed and worked to produce a documentary of the scenes in the Nazi concentration camps. And, though I’d seen other programmes on the subject before, I still sat aghast at what I was witnessing. Though we are all desensitised to a large degree by explicit TV, film and internet content, there is still a sense of shock and outrage to be felt at seeing the torture and murder of people on such an unimaginable scale. Seeing humans reduced to rag doll corpses, being shunted about in tumbling heaps by bulldozers, legs and arms seeming to reach for escape, or being dragged from the backs of lorries and into mass graves is unsettling and far more horrific than anything in the mind of the most salacious movie director. Simply because it actually happened, and happened so comparatively recently.

I find the blackest humour in most things. I’m known for it and am almost unable to help myself in summoning up something inappropriate to say to lighten the mood. But in this case I couldn’t find anything remotely amusing to say.

This was true horror…

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