Another fall from grace…

It’s hard to recall if I’ve ever approached a book with such apprehension as I have with Go Set a Watchman. After all, I’m of that generation that had to read To Kill A Mockingbird as a prescribed text at school. What should have perhaps been yet another hard slog through something dull set by the exam board, was instead, to our adolescent minds, an amazing insight into the power of literature. Atticus Finch, more than any other character, was our hero. He was cool, intelligent, rational and so far above his fellow-men as to seem god-like.


Only now, here we are in the 21st century; the epoch of cynicism, uncertainty, relativism and heroes with feet of clay. And, according to the reviews, Atticus is now revealed as all too human.

Of course, like half of London, I queued up for my copy at the bookshop this morning. But my anxiousness to read the story is tempered with trepidation at having to witness yet another fall from grace and another uncertainty in an uncertain world…

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