Visit a brothel only twice a month…

Open Culture have a piece on Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Rules of Life‘. I’ve been through the list and tried to figure out which I might be able to follow:

  • Wake at five o’clock
  • Go to bed no later than ten o’clock
  • Two hours permissible for sleeping during the day
  • Eat moderately
  • Avoid sweet foods
  • Walk for an hour every day
  • Visit a brothel only twice a month (twice more than I usually do, so I left this one!)
  • Love those to whom I could be of service
  • Disregard all public opinion not based on reason
  • Only do one thing at a time
  • Disallow flights of imagination unless necessary

So far I’m not going to live up to his standards, but his additional list of precepts seem more acceptable:

  • Never to show emotion
  • Stop caring about other people’s opinion of myself
  • Do good things inconspicuously
  • Keep away from women
  • Suppress lust by working hard
  • Help those less fortunate


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