More farewells…

2016 has already seen off some of the biggest names in rock music, and now it seems that literature is the next target with Harper Lee and Umberto Eco gone in the same 24 hour period.

The former was responsible for cementing my love of reading in my teen years (To Kill a Mockingbird), while the latter was a constant feature of my attempts at betterment when I put myself through two degrees in my thirties (Kant and the Platypus, The Role of the Reader, Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages).

My current mood is…

IMG_0296No, this is not one of those adolescent ‘look at poor suffering me’ posts; I’m not into sharing my innermost turmoil with the world on the interweb. This is about the strange effect that my ‘Secret Santa’ gift is still having on me after nearly two months.

I received a Daily Mood flip thingummy which now sits on my desk in the office, and have become obsessed with making sure that it correctly reflects my attitude toward the day. It’s like social media, having a fitting emoticon that has to be updated, only it’s spilled over into ‘real‘ life.

A colleague took a liking to the thing last week and kept it on her desk for a few days. I found that after a while I needed it back in order to keep track on myself. Worse still, when anyone now asks ‘How are you?’, my eyes immediately turn to my thingummy to make sure that I give the appropriate answer.

It’s funny how small things can become big obsessions. And so I’m thinking of pulling the wire out of it and shredding the pages in order to restore my sanity.

But then, without my mood chart, how will I know how that act makes me feel?