How to be successful?

A piece of fluffy banality caught my eye while perusing the Indie today. It was one of those nonsense pieces on yet another way to be ‘successful’.


The thing that irritated me was the use of the most awful piece of stock photography showing presumably happy ‘successful’ people.

Let’s look at the photo.

Just look at it.

Go on!

Don’t you want to work your way along that nicely symmetrical line of suits, repeatedly punching each grinning face, before reaching the end, turning back and headbutting them all in reverse order?

Or is it just me…

So success involves suits, white skin, white teeth, and youthfulness. It doesn’t involve anyone vaguely realistic-looking and certainly doesn’t involve anyone of a non-WASPy appearance. But I won’t read too much into issues of representation. If they wanted it to be realistic, they would have used such a vanilla piece of stock imagery. I just felt irritated at the editor’s hitching the signifier of success to such an anchor full of wankers.

And then there’s the faux-academic thrust of the piece, the ‘new research shows’ bit that we see so often, the ‘No Shit Sherlock’ stuff designed to sell books to the gormless.

But I don’t have the time to go there.

Just look at those faces!

Go on!