IMG_0468When did we all become so blithely accepting of every indignity, act of treachery and dishonesty foisted upon us?

Our health service is being sold off and dismantled, our pensions are worthless, house prices are through the roof and landlords are ripping people off. We are still best chums with regimes like Saudi Arabia – people that would give Satan himself the willies – and at the same time, our government refuses to take responsibility for a refugee crisis that it helped to create.

On top of this, the venality of our business ‘leaders’ and politicians is being exposed on an a daily basis and all our media really wants to focus upon is which undeserving bastard (likely Boris Johnson) is to be the next Prime Minister.

Where is the anger?

Instead, everyone is going potty over the Queen’s birthday. 90 years-old. 90 years of undeserved privilege. And outdated deference for her and her greedy and pointless progeny. Yet people are again talking about when Charles will ascend to the throne. I mean, take a look at the ‘chinless dauphin’, as Christopher Hitchens so memorably described him. What does this embarrassing example of inbreeding have to offer us, with his spidery and intrusive missives, his belief in quackery and dubious taste in women (both past and present!)

No, sod our collective plight at the hands of successive governments and their free market obsession and tunnel vision where everything must be quantified. We’ve all got to fawn over the monarch and hope she’ll wave at us as she’s driven by (she only drives herself on one of her many estates, so we are told). And the BBC programme schedule for the foreseeable future is full of so much arse-kissing that it’s in danger of looking like a specialist network for (anally-fixated) fetishists.

Apparently the run up to the First World War saw such huge concern among the ruling elite in this country that they were in serious fear of a revolution. And so, it came as much relief that they were able to jump upon the inglorious bandwagon of conflict and send so many young me to a muddy and bloody death, thus avoiding the nonsense of the social order being upset.

Only now, we do small-scale tactical wars with our ‘allies’. We do these for resources and not for imperialist expansion. The only empires now are commercial and so world wars do not fit easily within quarterly budget projections – not when you have the vastly inflated wages of a CEO to pay at the end of the year!

No, now we have our credit card statements to occupy us, along with social media updates and our perverse celebrity fixation. Just take a look at your fellow commuters on the station platform the next time you journey into work. How many of them have their faces buried in their smartphones, oblivious to all but occasional glimpses at the train indicator board? What would it take to shake these people from their digital fixation (apart from the fight to get a seat on the train at any cost to their dignity!)

It was a joke when I was young, I’d often hear adults bemoaning the state of the nation and ending their lugubrious observations with ‘Come the revolution…’ as if this were something truly imminent and something that would fix all ills. Only they all knew of course that it would never truly arrive.

But, if not now, when we have so much truly against us, when?

I’m not calling for carnage and streets running with blood. I’m just wondering how we collectively make a stand and say ‘enough is enough!’

Here endeth the rant…

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