Words on a page…

“Writing is a concentrated form of thinking…a young writer sees that with words he can place himself more clearly into the world. Words on a page, that’s all it takes to help him separate himself from the forces around him, streets and people and pressures and feelings. He learns to think about these things, to ride his own sentences into new perceptions.”
Don DeLillo

The Exorcist

The original Exorcist movie was a big influence on my formative years; not because I was possessed by a demon, but because I was raised as a Catholic and it raised all sorts of questions about my faith and, let’s face it, I was just a big horror fan. I read William Peter Blatty’s book and then saw a pirated version of the film on VHS with a school friend.

The sequels and prequels have all been disappointing, but I’m hoping that Fox gets this right:

I love fantasy…

But, when we live in a world where a privileged young woman who has only held three jobs in her entire life can command between £50,000 and £100,000 to dispense her wisdom to paying audiences, it makes me want to give up!


Mrs A doesn’t like me using the C-Word but it’s really trying to escape my lips right now when I think of the state of the nation and the undeserved privilege that some enjoy…

Suddenly old…

Me addressing a colleague #1: “Got the new Cheap Trick album, it’s really good!”

Colleague #1: “Does Colleague #2 know them – she’s from Wisconsin” (Apparently they’re a Wisconsin band).

Colleague #2: “Who?”

Me: “Cheap Trick – Colleague #1 said you’re from their home town…”

Colleague #2: “Didn’t they have that one big song?”

Me: “Well, ‘The Flame’ was pretty big back in the eighties…”

Colleague #2: “I was born in 1987. My parents might have been into them.”

Me (clutching my chest): “Jesus Christ I suddenly feel old!”