You shook me all evening long!

Saw AC/DC last night at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Not the first time I’ve seen them, but the first time in a long time.


I was wondering what to expect with Malcolm Young now retired and Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson, but I all fears were dispelled as soon as they took the stage. It was the same high-decibel magic that they always deliver:

The only bad thing about the experience was the venue. Being sent the wrong way several times by staff who didn’t know the layout of the venue and then facing the prospect of a paying nearly a fiver for a plastic bottle 330cl bottle of Fosters is par for the course at these sorts of events, but it’s a fucking rip-off.

At the end of the show, we weren’t allowed to find our own way out of the complex but were instead shepherded through the tawdry ‘retail experience’ that makes up a large chunk of the redeveloped Stratford – a soulless and completely un-rock ‘n’ roll experience after the excitement of seeing the band.

I think it’s clubs and smaller venues for me in the future…

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