I used to hate Sundays…

I still do, but have found a way to take the edge off!

Ironically, the ethanol ingestion gives me loads of great writing ideas. But they don’t last past the hangover. Tried taking a notebook to the pub but this just makes you look like a pretentious arse if you’re on your own, and anti-social if you’re in company.

Answers on a postcard please!

Talking Turkey…

I love Turkey. I’ve visited the country more times than I can remember and travelled all over. I also have many friends there who are in my thoughts at the moment.


I recall sitting in a restaurant in Fethiye a few years ago when Erdoğan first started to tighten his grip on power. I was talking to my friend Mehmet and warning him that there was something sinister about their new leader. He was most optimistic and dismissed my concerns, “I think he will be good for Turkey” was his reply. I wish he had been right and that I was wrong.

They’ve started arresting intellectuals now: Turkey ‘suspends 15,000 state education employees’ after attempted coup

I guess the book burning comes next…

A Red Admiral on platform 1

With all the nonsense going on at the moment, this was my favourite interaction of the week:

I noticed a butterfly on an electrical box at the train station this morning. As I stepped closer to get a picture, it closed its wings as it fell into my shadow. I had obviously interrupted its attempt to warm itself in the sun. As I stepped back, it again spread its wings.

I’m no lepidopterist  and had to use Google to find out that this was a Red Admiral and quite common to the UK. I can’t recall ever seeing one before though, and was quite pleased to briefly make his acquaintance.

Pokémon macht frei…

I thought that Boris Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretary was proof enough that the world is finally turned upside down. But then the Telegraph posted this:


Police warnings, cheats, and Pornhub searches: the madness of Pokémon Go – in pictures.

I’ve not played the game but understand that the location of the creatures is all down to random GPS coordinates. Seeing one at the gates of Auschwitz though, just woke my lightly sleeping existential crisis. It may be a fake (and I kind of hope it is), but it seems to perfectly sum up the incongruity, infantilisation and general lack of sanity in this neck of the galaxy.