Every time…

I try to take The Indie seriously, and every time it throws a pop-up at me enjoining me to sign up for a VIP membership, this sort of thing brings me down to earth, and closes my wallet: Why speculation over Shawn Mendes’s sexuality must stop right now: ‘Celebrity fauxmances’ have been a running joke since the days of Rock Hudson, but Adam White asks whether it’s time we do better

I don’t know what a ‘fauxmance’ is and I don’t want to know.

Is this a news outlet or something just clambering on to the next trending memetic rubbish for idiots?

Even the most intelligently bereft must know about the huge issues facing us at the moment, from climate change, to Russian interference in Western elections, to Donald Trump and his UK doppelgänger, Boris Johnson.

But certain news outlets don’t care about this; they want us to leave comments on social media about celebs…

Were I not an atheist, I’d be shouting ‘ God help us all!’ into an empty sky.

p.s. I don’t know who Shawn Mendes is either…


Missing the point…

People seem to be leaping to the defense of Marie Kondo, saying that her comments on books were misunderstood or misinterpreted as in: Keep your tidy, spark-joy hands off my book piles, Marie Kondo.

I think they’ve all missed the obvious problem with her fame and reputation though: the fact that she’s making a substantial living at telling adults how to tidy up after themselves.

I don’t care whether its books, coffee cups or lego bricks. When did swathes of adults become so infantilised that they need to follow a Netflix show to understand how to tidy up after themselves and de-clutter their lives?

The ‘system’ has conditioned people into mindless acquisition, and now the system will tell them how to fix the situation (presumably with the aim of getting them to acquire more and then purge – ad infinitum!).

Don’t defend Marie, just ignore her and she’ll go away!