A failure in representation…

Apparently, TV in the UK is ‘failing to represent society‘. This is problematic for me for a couple of reasons:

  1. For the most part, TV programming in the UK appeals to those with the lowest artistic and intellectual capacity. The schedules are crammed so full of utter tripe that the whole nation comes to a standstill just to watch people baking cakes during prime time. When did we all get so dumb?
  2. If you are part of an under-represented demographic, do you really want to be a part of the above? Do you need to swim in that stream of steaming effluent? Will adding another shade of skin to the dispiriting catalogue of crap that is fed through our TV tubes enrich your community?

Surely you’ll just be sucked into the mire with the rest of the loons who are content that Chris Evans and Claudia Winkleman earn what they do for just turning up.

You’re best off staying clear of the whole miasma…


Pokémon macht frei…

I thought that Boris Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretary was proof enough that the world is finally turned upside down. But then the Telegraph posted this:


Police warnings, cheats, and Pornhub searches: the madness of Pokémon Go – in pictures.

I’ve not played the game but understand that the location of the creatures is all down to random GPS coordinates. Seeing one at the gates of Auschwitz though, just woke my lightly sleeping existential crisis. It may be a fake (and I kind of hope it is), but it seems to perfectly sum up the incongruity, infantilisation and general lack of sanity in this neck of the galaxy.