Let’s monetise motherfuckers!

6540698a-e056-4522-bf21-66c2c79eaa96It looks like Classic Rock magazine, and my old favourite, Metal Hammer have been saved from closure. I still buy the former but haven’t bothered with the latter since the commemorative Lemmy issue. As a youngster, though, it was a big favourite.

All good news for rock and metal fans I’m sure, but they’ve already let loads of their staff go – will there be jobs for them I wonder?

Of minor concern in comparison is what I assume is from the press release from Future, the new owners:

“The acquisition of these classic rock brands with their associated magazines, events and websites marks a further step in our buy and build strategy […] it further reinforces our creation of a leading global specialist media platform with data at its heart, which we are monetising through diversified revenue streams. We look forward to developing further these iconic and much-loved brands and to continuing to serve their communities of dedicated enthusiasts around the world.”

It doesn’t even read as English, let alone rock ‘n’ roll: It’s the kind of dense and wanky media speak that I thought had died out back in the nineties with Gus Hedges and Drop the Dead Donkey.

Still, ‘rock on’ and all that…

Hardwired… to Heal!

img_0964It’s funny how a new album can make you feel one hundred percent fan again. Metallica’s Hardwired… to Self-Destruct has been on constant play since release and has had me going through their back-catalogue as well.

It’s come at the right time too. Feeling pretty sorry for myself after having a kidney stone removed at the beginning of the week. The pain of the stone has been somewhat eclipsed by the discomfort of the procedure. The temptation, between bouts of sleep, has been to listen to something calm, if not maudlin and melancholy. But, I’ve gone with the aggression of my favourite band to give me enough energy to get through it.

The healing power of music and all that…