Resident Evil Remastered in HD

Abandoning any literary slant today, I need to proclaim my excitement at the idea of the forthcoming Resident Evil remake, supposedly available in early 2015.

If you’re into video games and horror, then this is exciting news. Resident Evil is one part of the diabolical trilogy of horror games, along with the Silent Hill and Castlevania series. Yes there are other contenders out there, such as the Dead Rising, Alan Wake, Dead Space series etc., but none with the calibre and consistency of these three.

I tried playing through the PS1 version of Res Evil a while back, and while it’s still fun, it is hard to put up with the lego graphics compared to today’s games. Personal fave is Resident Evil 4, for which we’ve already been treated to an HD remake.

A tip of the hat to Bloody Disgusting for the heads up on this one.