Other books

On a more serious note, and with my professional hat on, I have contributed chapters and editing to the following titles:

The Song of the Body: Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing (2014) 

41ix0TBmPPLThe Song of the Body: Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing is a fascinating and highly researched look at dance as a profession, an industry and a hobby. The book celebrates dance as a powerful means of enhancing physical and emotional health at all stages of life and considers dance and lifelong wellbeing from the perspectives of the young through to older adults.



Social Marketing For Public Health (2010)

smphSocial Marketing for Public Health examines how social marketing is used as a strategy for changing health behavior in the world today. Addressing issues and trends in social marketing and public health globally, it highlights successful and measurable health behavior-changing campaigns launched by the governments, by a combination of the governments and citizens, or by the citizens themselves in various countries.



Social Marketing and Public Health: Theory and practice (2009)

smSocial marketing is the application of commercial marketing tools and principles to the design, implementation and evaluation of health and social behaviour change programmes. It focuses on target groups within the population, tailoring campaigns and awareness, with the aim of achieving specific behavioural goals relevant to the public good.



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