Cattle Decapitation…


…are an extreme metal band from the U.S., who I have been listening to quite a lot on Spotify recently.

While cooking yesterday, I called up some of their tracks on YouTube to keep me company as the pork chop rinds were crisping away in the oven.

Later on in the evening, I mentioned to Mrs A how much I had enjoyed listening to Cattle Decapitation while making lunch. And, as a result, for the second time in a week, she called into question my credentials as a civilised human being.

She actually thought that I was listening to the sound of cows having their heads cut off – and getting off to it so much that I was extolling its charms to her.

I sometimes wonder what I’ve done to deserve such judgments…


Cruelty to poppies…

As we approach Remembrance Day, the local high street has big poppies on all the lampposts. On driving through yesterday, I conjectured idly that it all might have been a bit different had the person given the job to put them up misheard or misunderstood the brief.

I was imagining ‘puppies’ being nailed to posts for the mile or so strip of suburbia.

Mrs A said that I had “a very sick mind!”


This post in no way endorses cruelty to poppies puppies!