Rush hour…

Here we are, nearly the end of July and here I am thinking of my impending hols. This is nothing to do with writing, but as the day started off so nicely I thought I’d mention it.

On my usual schlep down the hill to the station this morning, a passer-by turned to me, gave me a big smile and the thumbs up sign. He’d spotted that I was wearing one of the two Rush t-shirts that I own and was obviously a fan as well. For the split-second before I realised what he was referring to, I thought perhaps I knew him from somewhere and that he was saying hello (I head my earbuds in, listening to James LaBrie at the time). But no, he was just a kindred spirit who thought he’d let his approval be known to me. I responded in kind and showed him my thumb in reply.

The last time a fellow commuter smiled or even spoke to me was when she dropped a heavy briefcase on my shoulder while trying to remove it from the luggage rack. She apologised profusely and smiled in embarrassment, but hey, a smile is a smile and you take what you can get in commuter land!

Of course it was back to the old push and shove with my fellow lost Monday morning souls a few minutes later as I boarded my train and sought somewhere to sit and read my book. I’ve been dipping in and out of Stephen King’s On Writing for months and have finally decided to push on to the finish. It’s not that it’s a difficult book: it’s extremely readable and full of great advice. It’s just that it’s been competing with a lot of other good novels recently. I’ve just finished Heroes Die by Matthew Stover, a book that proves the rule that you should never judge a book by its cover. The retro-cheesy image on the front completely belies the great writing within. then, the next in my unread pile was Stanisaw Lem’s The Cyberiad and its quirky short-story format has left the gaps which I’m filling in with On Writing.

As I got off the train this morning, the chapter was on reading as much as possible in order to be a better writer. Other than the copy writing that my day-job involves, I’ve done very little creative writing since finishing my first novel. This led me to the quandary that perhaps I need to ration my reading a little and make more time to write.

But then won’t that put me back in the position I was in before I had the gall to call myself a writer? And then there’s that holiday coming up soon and I’m already thinking about which books to take with me.

The pressure never ends!

And the day started off so well…